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Large Ice Cream Scoops - Why Sometimes Bigger Is Really Better

Some individuals say size does not really matter. However, if you are in the kitchen or serving a lot of people, sometimes you do have to act very fast. And in such situations, you would definitely want to reach for something that has a larger capacity. The same can be said of the ice cream scoop. While ice cream scoops can come in a variety of sizes, the biggest of which is about 1 cup or ¼ of a quart and the smallest is 1/100 of a quart or about 9-10 mL, you definitely will find the larger to be particularly useful.

But why not use the smaller one? Well, if you are going to perform a lot of food decorating by creating miniature balls the size of a pea then perhaps you will need the smaller one. The point is that ice cream scoops, particularly the disher type, can serve a variety of functions. Because most ice cream scoops come in different sizes with respect to the quart, one of its most helpful uses is as a measuring cup. And this is why an extra large ice cream scoop really matters.

If you are in the business of portioning meals to individuals, you will be a lot more efficient using a large ice scooper than a smaller version. This facilitates faster scooping and portioning of the food as well as faster turnover. This also translates to fewer irate heads because some people may have already finished their meals while others are still waiting for you to complete portioning their food.

If you are dealing with liquids, you can use the ice cream scoops as a dipping tool much like you would a scooped ladle. Fruit punches or other refreshments can be efficiently served using a large metal ice scooper. Imagine how many scoops it would take you to fill up a glass if you were to use a Size 100 ice cream scoop. Now imagine how individuals will feel if they have to wait for you to fill up their drinks.

If you are into baking, you can use the ice cream scoop as a measuring tool for your dry baking ingredients. For example you need 4 cups of flour and a cup of baking soda. So you will need to use the Size 4 ice cream scoop and you need 4 scoops of the flour and a scoop of the baking soda. Now, try consider using a Size 50 which is about 19-20 mL per scoop. That simply translates to 200 scoops of flour and 50 scoops of baking soda. Unless you are in an arm endurance competition, we doubt if it makes sense to use a smaller ice cream scooper. You can also find online some good ice cream scooper size charts to be able to find the right ice cream scoop for you, but personally I prefer the large stainless steel ice scoop.

Now of course, these are all hypothetical situations but you would agree that a reasonably-sized ice cream scoop is a lot better, more efficient, and more practical than a small sized version. If you think a Size 4 is too big for you, then get one in the middle. A Size 14 should provide you with 3 ounces of your ingredients or food. You could also use a 2 oz ice cream scoop as well. This should cover most of your cooking and food preparation needs as well as the perfect size for your ice cream cone. 


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