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Tips On Buying The Best Waffle Maker

The taste and smell of a delicious waffle, there is nothing to beat it at breakfast or any time. Now established as a firm family favorite, the question arises as to how best to make them in the home kitchen? The answer of course, is to find the best waffle maker that will produce waffles in just the way you and your family like them. There are numerous makes and models of waffle maker offered in the market place and the video below shows a typical example of those available from Cuisinart:

These small kitchen appliances invariably consist of two iron plates, preferably coated with a non-stick surface, that come together to form a specific pattern of cavities between them within which the waffle batter resides during the cooking process. The shape of the cavities together with the overall shape of the perimeter of the plates, creates the well known waffle shapes and designs that we all recognize. The appliance is usually electrically heated and will come with numerous controls and/or digital screen display.

Choosing the best waffle maker for your preferred outcome in your kitchen is a very personal choice. Both the shape and size of the appliance, (where will you store it? Is it portable? Will it fit the kitchen decor?) and the waffles themselves (Large or small? How thick? How many at a time?), need to be addressed in seeking the best purchase.

It doesn't matter whether you are shopping online or offline you will discover many manufacturers such as Cuisinart, Waring, Presto, Black & Decker, Conair and Oster, each offering a whole series of models to choose from.

One non-technical point that is most important is to choose a model that you find easy-on-the-eye and you are going to feel happy about using. There is nothing worse than a cook who 'has to use' an appliance he or she actually dislikes using! That said, it is important to choose a waffle maker that has only the features and accessories that suit your preferences and that you will use. Any features over and above those will only add unnecessary costs.

Models with stainless steel casings are usually the easiest to keep clean and go with most kitchen color schemes. All waffle makers will come with basic controls such as power on/off, timer, temperature control. As you step up in any manufacturers range, you will be offered more complex controls and information displays. Mostly this means more use of modern technology in the way of LED's instead of simple on/off light indicators, continuous read-out temperature indicators and digital displays.

To gather information on what machines are available and how they are perceived by professional reviewers, use a search engine to search the internet for 'best waffle makers' and you will find a myriad of appropriate websites that can help you. To find reviews by people that have previously bought waffle makers, then go online to or your favorite online hardware store and read customer reviews for various waffle maker models.

Whether you use the internet or not it is always a good idea, before purchasing your likely choice, to go down to your local supermarket or large hardware store and to get a hands-on appreciation of the model you like.

Finally, before you purchase, make sure you understand from the seller what warranty period is given and that the terms and conditions of that warranty are fully identified. Warranties can differ from supplier to supplier for the identical product.


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